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Our ladders are the most competitive ones in the Hudson County tri-state region. We usually have 30-40 players per season and each player has an average of 20-30 matches per season. Every year, we recruit to all nearby cities to bring more talent and new players into the ladders. 

In 2019, the network is expanding the ladders to Rutherford, Paramus, New York City, and beyond Hudson County, NJ. We will be adding Bergen County players to the ladders. Also, we are coordinating with local organizations to create the USTA Flex/Team Leagues for different levels of play. 

It will be an exciting time to join us because we have so much to offer and you will improve during each season challenging the best players in the region. 

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Our 2019 network fees are $40.00 payable through PayPal. For more information, please contact David Jacome at 201-388-5435 or via Facebook.

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For all ladder matches to be posted in a season, please text David

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